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My name is Janis Alexander Gonser. I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

After high school and civilian service, I decided to follow my interest in photography. In late 1997, I enrolled in the University of Hamburg, majoring in Sports Journalism. During that time, I worked at the university newspaper as a photographer. I was introduced to (X)HTML when I joined a class, whose focus was to represent the Sports Journalism department on the Web.

During the summer of 1999, I made a major life decision and moved to the United States to marry my true love, a Southern Louisiana Cajun sweetheart. I settled down in Tallahassee, Florida. In early 2000, I purchased my first Imac and continued to do small Web and graphic design jobs for friends and family.

After working in the restaurant business, I was given the opportunity to use my creative skills at the Learning Systems Institute (LSI) of Florida State University, as a Graphic Designer in 2002. There, I had the opportunity to work on many projects related to human performance improvement and training, which also increased the quality of my work.

During my time at LSI, I really became interested in the usability aspect of the Web, as well as the benefits of using Web standards. I attended the Digital Design World 2004 conference in San Francisco. This experience had a major impact on my life and my Web designing. Douglas Bowman and others did a great job showing how to use CSS to its full extent and Kelly Goto presented on how to improve Web development by incorporating process into the overall workflow.

In 2005, I began to take on consulting jobs, while adding Java Script, Flash and some PHP into my tool box. I am continuously learning and following up on the ever-changing technologies of the World Wide Web. My interest is never lost; I am always looking forward to what will develop next, personally as well as professionally.


Please feel free to contact me by either using the form or sending an email to janisgonser@gmail.com.

Janis Gonser